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fxSimulator is web based trading platform to learn trading very fast. We offer expanded functionality to gain more experience in learning.


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Usually time limit to 2 months



Learn trading

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Time control

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Unlimited time to testing

Why you should use fxSimulator

Compare demo and fxsimulator Demo account
Cost 0 USD, 100 hours trading to gain XP
Cost 0$, 1 hour to gain XP
Real account
Cost real money, 100 hours trading to gain XP

All important features in one platform

Test your trading skills with MT4 or MT5 settings

Daily data update

2 Years historic data

You can try trading through 2 years past. Try trading in history and improve yourself as much as you can.

Tick movements

Our candles are based on ticks and you can feel real market movements

Time travel

Possibility to jump into the hysteria and test the strategies on historical data.

Time control

Simple buttons for control time in trading. You can move forward, backward or jump to any other day

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‘‘I am a serious trader so I am always looking for a better way to improve my trading skills. After I tried fxSimulator, I come to a realize that it is the best online simulator right now. It gets rid of the all the complications.’’
Tan Kaosucharit

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Terms and conditions

1. Provider

The service provider is SnowlyCode s.r.o. registered in the Commercial Register, administered by the County Court in Ostrava in Section C

Entry No. 63100 Identification No. 04299621, registered office Olomouc, Kateřinská 107/5, Czech Republic (hereinafter the "Provider")

2. Services

The Provider offers the service fxsimulator.com. This service is available at the Internet address www.fxsimulator.com and is designed to simulate trading in forex markets.

fxsimulator.com is only a simulator of forex markets and it is not a real platform providing a real purchase or sale of currency pairs. All trades in the application are only a simulation. Any profit or loss resulting from trading in the platform is solely a fictional amount and no liabilities and claims arise from it.

3. Registered Users

3.1. Any natural or legal person may be the user of services at fxsimulator.com (hereinafter the "User").

3.2. The service shall be ordered by the User on the basis of a completed and submitted registration form via the Internet.

3.3. By submitting the registration form via the Internet, the User accepts all general terms and conditions as if these conditions were signed in the form of a contract. These general terms and conditions are binding in unabridged and up-to-date version that is accessible to the public on web sites www.fxsimulator.com.

3.4. The service Provider reserves the right to verify registration data given by the User in the registration form. For the purpose of verification, the user shall proceed in accordance with the instructions specified by the Provider in the verifying e-mail. To use the service in the long term, it is necessary to perform so called Activation. The User shall receive information about a successful activation accomplishment by e-mail to the identical email address.

3.5. The User shall register to use the service. In the course of registration the User is prompted to create a password to their customer account. The User shall keep the password confidential and shall not share it with other persons. The User is held responsible for all activities performed from their account. The User shall instantly notify the Provider if any suspicion of their password abuse or making their password accessible to a third party arises.
In the event of a well-founded concern that the User's account is being or may be abused, the Provider is entitled to block the User's account or as the case may be to prompt the User to change their password. The Provider is not liable for damages that may arise to the User as a result of disclosure or abuse of their password.

3.6. The Provider is entitled to suspend or abolish the User's registration if the Provider has reasonable ground to assume that the user breaches the terms and conditions or other mutual agreements. By termination or abolishment of the registration no provisions of the general terms and conditions that regarding their nature last beyond are aggrieved.

4. Price Programs

The service is offered by the Provider through the following price programs:

4.1. Program Free

Program Free has limited data and functions according to the up-to-date configuration.

5. Service Termination

5.1The service shall be terminated after submitting an account deletion request from the User's profile.

5.2 The User agrees that the Provider is entitled to promptly terminate the provision of services under any of the following conditions:

  • The User shall breach the general terms and conditions,
  • The User shall abuse, block, modify or anyhow change functions of the Provider's service and/or has attempted to interfere with the stability, operation or service data.

6. Personal Data Processing

6.1. Personal data processing

Personal data processing is performed by the Provider in a secured way automatically and manually. The Provider shall process personal data of the Users of the company's web services within legal purposes or for purposes that the User has agreed to. The data are always processed only to the extent necessary to accomplish the above stated purposes and solely for such a period of time that is necessary to accomplish above stated purposes but not longer than stipulated by relevant legal regulations or in accordance with them.
The User provides their personal data to the Provider consensually.

The provider shall process obtained data in accordance with these conditions and utilize them to establish a database of Users who use the service for marketing purposes such as sending commercial messages to persons in the database and for the Provider's or business partners' promotion.
The Provider declares that personal data provided by the User will be processed for their needs, the data shall not be made available to any other person excluding the Provider's authorized partners and they shall be provided solely under the legal conditions. The User has the right to access their personal data as well as to adjust and change them. Considering this you may contact the Provider by telephone or by e-mail support@fxsimulator.com.

6.2. Cookies

Cookies are information transferred from a website to the User's PC hard disk. Cookies enable the website to remember important information, which makes the User's further work with it easier. Most internet websites as well as the websites of the Provider use cookies. By using anonymous data objects, the Provider may for instance monitor the total number of visitors to these sites.
If the User does not want to use cookies or wants the Internet browser to notify about the use of cookies, the User shall choose a relevant option in the Internet browser. Shall the User block all cookies they will not be able to make use of some functions on the websites.

7. Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

7.1 The Provider is the author of the template, software, application and the service itself.

7.2. The User shall be obligated not to:

  • copy, download and spread any of the Provider's or other Users' content without their permission;
  • interfere with safety services;
  • create false messages for the purpose of falsifying the User's identity or attempting to penetrate accounts of other Users.

7.3 The Provider is entitled to delete accounts with speculative character.

Unless otherwise stated, all rights, the title and interests in and to fxsimulator and all content accessible at fxSimulator including its services in various languages, formats and media as well as copyrights are the exclusive property of fxSimulator.

It is not allowed to use robots, data mining or gathering, to extract tools and frame and reproduce or sublicense any part of fxsimulator and its content.

It is not allowed to evade any mechanism and legal regulations for the purpose of unauthorized reproduction or distribution of the content including the services at fxSimulator.com. For additional information on the subject please see….

8. Additional terms and agreements

8.1. The Provider reserves the right to change these conditions at any time.

  • incompatibility of fxsimulator.com with the end device, the User's software or their connection to electronic communications networks;
  • technical inconveniences including errors and connection failures to www.fxsimulator.com.

8.3. The Provider shall attempt maximum functionality and accessibility of provided services. Nevertheless, regarding technical aspects of the service, the Provider cannot guarantee absolute accessibility of the service. The Provider reserves the right to limit the access to the service for a necessary period of time to perform repairs, maintenance or system upgrade and to implement new system features.

8.4. The Provider shall not be liable for damages resulting from any loss of data or damage to any stored data.

8.5. Providing any errors in the course of registration occur, contact the Provider at support@fxsimulator.com.

8.6. The data is free for use under these circumstances:
Anyone using and/or putting free web products including all or parts of the information taken from the Dukascopy Trading Tools and/or any other data available as free product form Ducascopy Bank's website shall put a clear note to the public that such data are not meant to indicate the actual value at any given point in time but represent a discretionary assessment by Dukascopy Bank SA only. The data source is Ducascopy.com.

8.7. These terms and conditions are valid and effective from 2.2.2018