Tick data

Professional trading platform based on real movements and tick data.

No risk

Are you new to trading? Trade with our simulator without losing any money. Just watch and learn.

All major pairs

You can trade with all major currency pairs, and we will bring more soon.

Time control

Control time as you like.

Need a coffee break and don't want to lose money? Just pause the simulation and then continue up to 64x faster.

Time control panel
  • Play/Pause your trading
  • Go faster or slower as you like
  • Tick and candle jumps
  • Bored? Jump to the next working day

Upcoming news

All news directly in chart.

Time control panel

Used to looking at newspapers? Don't worry, we bring historic news to your trading. You will never lose money because of missing an important event.

Still don't know? Look at our prices!


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